What my anxiety is like…

Living with anxiety feels like you’re always waiting for the worst to happen. You’re always conscious of how you make others feel. You’re aware of your flaws and you constantly catalogue them. You want people around but you want to be alone (a lot). You go through the worst case scenario of every situation trying to protect yourself from pain. You’re always on edge.

Anxious people tend to have some sort of OCD behavior. I use to suck my thumb (hey fellas 😏) but now I’m a nail/skin around my nails biter. We tend to have lots of digestive issues. We find it hard to make close personal connections. We accept abuse without question until it affects us deeply then we go the fuck off. People think we are overreacting when this happens because they are not use to seeing us angry or mad. Then that in turn makes us more anxious!

It’s really exhausting. The best thing that I could have done for myself was to see a therapist and doctor for my anxiety. My therapist diagnosed me and my doctor prescribed medication that keeps the anxiety at bay but it’s not gone completely (my choice). I could take stronger medication but I don’t like feeling like a zombie. I prefer to incorporate alternative health practices such as proper diet, light exercise, yoga (basic poses, no splits and cartwheels for the kid), meditation and just not giving a fuck.

My quality of life improved dramatically when I got help 10 years ago. I haven’t looked back since. I lost a few friendships along the way but those that truly love me won’t leave. I’ve had to walk away from some toxic people as well but guess what… I’m still standing. I’m a person LIVING with anxiety. I refuse to let it control my life and thoughts. Below is a YouTube video that will help with balancing your Solar Plexus chakra. I’m listening to it now.


Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing & Healing


  1. Great blog! I’m a lip skin bitter and cusser (and eater but doing better on that). It’s hard to find balance but I’m glad you did!

    1. Yes, it’s a daily effort though to break cyclical patterns of thought! We are all out here stressed and doing too much. This is the American way and it doesn’t work!

  2. I think the road to finding yourself and proclaiming “I AM”…take me or leave me has opened the pathway for a lot of people, to know they are not alone. Sometimes our purpose comes from the most unexpected places. Your Universal Path is lined with love, pupose & understanding. I’m so proud of you and love your posts.

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