It’s never ok to call someone repeatedly if there isn’t an emergency or you’re not in some passionate romance. NEWSFLASH! After one date, I DON’T OWE YOU SHIT! Get the fuck off my phone! Damn! Can I have a moment to process who you are? Can I think about my feelings? I get that you are hype but I’m not a fucking object! I’m a person. Give me time to get where you are. If I make a statement about it feels fast or rushed, DON’T resort to name calling! It makes you look bitter and lonely as fuck! I get that being single sucks, I am also single. But I am not out here trying to fill a void. I am a happy person. I have a life full of interests, friends, and family. After one date you are not a priority! ✌

You’re going to love when I start doing videos.

Oh and if you piss me off, you might end up on this blog. 😁

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