Flamingos & Pineapples

I’ve been drawn to both of these things lately. Pay attention to what you’re attracted to and craving. Your body may be telling you what you are missing consciously!

From the book Animal Spirit Guides by Steven D. Farmer:


I believe I’m on the right path with this. I recently quit a job due to co-workers that were causing me a lot of stress. Now that I’m free of that, I feel as though I’m back to my old self. I’m not hiding anymore in my “safe room”. Last night I danced salsa. Coincidence? Maybe. 😎💃🏽

I definitely feel like if you pay attention, your body, mind and spirit will lead you where you need to be. And… it’s always good to eat pineapples! 😉🌺🍍

Facts about pineapples from Organic Facts.net 🌎:

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