Stones and Roses

I’ve been posting a lot of red and pink. I’m super attracted to green crystals right now. Hmmm. Is my heart chakra in need of a little attention? I talked to my sister yesterday and realized how callous that I can be in regards to how I feel about others. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just something that can be fixed and adjusted. I do say how I feel and I can be honest to a fault. However, it’s all about your honesty adding something positive or healing to a situation. “Fuck it” is great but it’s not good for the collective. It’s a survival mechanism for someone who’s afraid of loving too much. My sisters have never been afraid to love deeply. They probably have the biggest hearts of anyone that I know. I, on the other hand, lol can use a little work. I’m listening, God….


Preference for red & pink from DeepTranceNow:

Preference for red: Red is associated with passionate love, sex, great energy, impulse, action and stimulation, assertiveness and aggression, courage, strength and power, adventure, danger, warnings, revolt and revolution. Temperamental and ambitious people with a need for personal freedom.

Preference for pink: Regarded as a feminine color. Pink symbolizes softness, sweetness, innocence, youthfulness and tenderness. Soft and kind people.


Red also correlates to your root chakra. “Fear less, love more” 


Here’s a little color therapy from my Instagram page. Namaste! 🙏

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