BB the Guinea Pig

It tickled me that as I was scrolling through tumblr to receive a little inspiration that this guy kept posting a picture of his guinea pig that’s apparently named, Bunzworth Bently. 🙄 I’m like Jeez Louise how did I get caught up following a blog about a guinea pig? Anyway, I go to unfollow and realize the guy’s blog is not about the little guy at all, he’s just been sick so he was posting to receive a little support. 😢 I feel like such an asshole.



What am I even in a rush for?

This sickness of constantly needing to fill a moment with some kind of task is ridiculous. lol Anxiety really sucks. That combined with having the patience of an Aries is a bad combo. It just might be why I cussed out some deaf guy at ODUNDE. 😂  He deserved it though. 😏

Shout out to Bunzwoth Bently. I hope you feel better, homie!

I had to revisit his site to make sure that I got the guinea pig’s name right. It’s not even a guinea pig, it’s a rabbit. 😩😅😂😂 Pray for me.



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