Pops of Black

Black gets such a bad rap as a color. It’s usually associated with negativity, evil, dark magic and the underworld. However, black also has a lot of positive attributes to it as well. It’s the color of protection, banishing bad energy/habits/addictions/thoughts. Using dark or black crystals can aid in opening consciousness, deep meditation and protecting your energy.


from crystalvaults.com 🌍

Black crystals such as hematite, agate, black tourmaline, and onyx, are power crystals that, like some red and scarlet minerals, relieve your fears of physical harm.

Each of these crystals should be part of your life.

A black tourmaline, besides being a great grounding force, can also give you a sense of well being.

Onyx with its stripes of white protected by black can shield you from harm.

Black is a protective color that actually gives you a sense of power. It makes you feel secure, daring, and physically powerful.

Dark-colored crystals deepen your connection to the physical, natural world. They help relieve you of fears specifically associated with your physical existence here on Earth.


A little black color therapy from my Instagram page. Stay blessed and balanced. 🌚❤️🙏

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