Ways I Avoid Deep Depression

1. Keep plants or pets – if you have something or someone to care for, you will have a purpose other than succumbing to your thoughts.

2. Talk to someone – but this one can be tricky, do not exhaust your friends with your problems. Confide in them when things get bad. Write down the advice they give you and work it out on your own. Try to rely on your own mental and physical strength to get through.

3. Clean your place – being surrounded by filth and clutter will only make your depression worse. Keep a clean house and your thoughts will be less cluttered.

4. Force yourself to go out – it’s ok to decline invitations if you just know you won’t be good company, however, if a friend asks you out, don’t keep saying no. Force yourself to be social.

5. Take a shamanic/cleansing bath – fill a bath with warm water, sea salt, herbs and/or essential oils. In your mind, think of all of the things bothering you. Ask God or whatever higher power you believe in to help you with what ails you. Thank God for what you have. As you drain the water, imagine all of your fears, woes and troubles going down the drain with the water.

6. Get up and get dressed – sometimes, a simple outfit that makes you smile will lift your spirits and remind you of a time when you were not at a low point.

7. Get some sun – sit in the sunshine for at least 30 mins a day. The sun has lots of healing restorative properties that will pull you out of your funk and remind you that you are connected to this wonderful planet and all that’s in it.

8. Meditate – sit still for 30 mins with no distractions and try to pinpoint what’s bothering you. Try to extend that time to an hour as your thoughts get calmer and less cluttered.

9. Journal – write in a journal everyday with all that you are thankful for. Down to the toes that support your balance and the hairs on your head. There’s so much in life that you can find that will keep you on the path of positive thinking. Thank God for all that you have.

10. Drink lots of water, add Apple Cider Vinegar at least one time a day. This will help balance your pH levels and make your body feel more balanced.

Mind, body and spirit!


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