With the exception of family, people just want to use you and really don’t care about how it makes you feel until you put your hands up and say enough. Then all of a sudden, they can see your point of view and have empathy.  I don’t understand why it has to get to that point. As a person that’s constantly giving and rarely asking for much in return, it gets very tiring. I’m not asking for you to move mountains for me. Just hear me the first time. That’s all I ask. I shouldn’t have to crumble and cry for you to see me as a human being with feelings. It shouldn’t get to the point that I’m so fed up that I can’t even stomach the thought of being in your presence. See me as a whole person now. See the people you love for who they are right now! Don’t wait for them to be at their breaking point and ready to quit and move on. Because sometimes, people won’t bother looking back and you’ll be left to pick up the pieces by yourself.


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