The moon! Ouuuuuuuu! 🐺

Today was absolutely awesome. I finally uploaded a video with a sample of my work and got really good reviews from a few of my friends. A few that really matter. The ones that really speak to my soul. Rev Q, Gloria, Evie, and Tiffany Nation. Man! It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you sit down and focus with your thoughts. Dr. Ezzie Spencer is my new hero. Her lunar journals are simply amazing. I have always been obsessed with the moon. I do turn into a complete bitch around the full ones sooooo…. 😚

My being attune to the sky and it’s workings has been an obsession of mine since a child. The moon, the sun, astrology, mysticism, aliens, and spaceships occupied my thoughts often. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night to the score from Star Wars so much that even my dreams became vivid and distant. If it wasn’t Star Wars, it was Star Trek. lol Captian Kirk’s voice will always hold a special place in my heart. And Data…. well, that motherfucker was my favorite of all time! A robot that was learning to feel. If that ain’t me?! 😂

My dad really opened my mind, via his interests, to the world. I remember the first time really listening to and feeling jazz, afrobeat, reggae, r&b, rock, FUNK, soul, rap and whatever else he could get his greedy little ears on. We were begrudgingly awaken so many mornings to James Brown screaming, especially on Saturday! It didn’t matter what the screech was, it was time to get up. The music was loud, the bass was thumpin, and my dad didn’t give a fuck about our little feelings.

Some days I would be like 😳🙄😡. Others, I would wake up and smile and feel like life was normal. Whatever nightmare I was having was over. I was safe and in my house with my family. My mom was always up early making breakfast. The sound of her slippers slapping and abusing the wood floors will forever haunt my memories. Why didn’t we just by her a new pair of slippers? Like I think back sometimes and realize that I could have made my life a lot easier by speaking up. It’s also probably why I walk around barefoot at home. 😜

My thoughts are rambling but it feels good. I had such a good childhood. No matter what darkness occurred within our family, we loved each other. We laughed a lot and we made so many great memories. I seriously sometimes feel like I’m a clone of my dad and I couldn’t be happier about that. His spirit will always live on through me and my sisters. Now I have nieces and they even talk like him and my mom. They even make some of his faces and they’ve never even met him. Life is a tricky thing, but it goes on. And our ancestors are watching, blessing, guiding, and loving up on us everyday. ❤️🕉🙏🏾


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  1. Your energy and vibration has so much love in it! Now I see its a huge part of you! Happy to have come across your page and excited to know of your existence <3

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