US Coronavirus Stats

I see a lot of folks freaking out on my timeline about the Coronavirus. Here are some stats from a dork to ease your mind.

USA Coronavirus Cases: about 43,449

Deaths: about 545

That’s a death rate of 1.25% Meaning 98.75% of the folks that contract the coronavirus in the US have a very high survival rate. About 1,040 of the patients in US care are critical. Please note the jump in critical patients! When I first started tracking the stats 7 days ago there were only around 12. Check out the Red Table Talk on Facebook so you can see why the critical care jump occurred.

Sending love and light to anyone affected. Continue to take the necessary precautions like washing your hands and disinfecting your home so that you do not SPREAD the disease. You can be healthy and be a carrier. If you believe that you have coronavirus, please click here for the steps you should take.

Let’s protect our vulnerable neighbors!

Stats updated at: 23MAR2020 7:26 PM EST


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