Peace and Love -_-

Ok but sometimes you have to push wigs back. It really bothers me that people think that you need to APPEAR positive, happy and kumbaya all the time. Where are you from? Are you new to Earth?

#1 That’s unrealistic. Humans have complex emotions. Suppression means you are not communicating properly. If you get dismissive, give the silent treatment, cut people off, and/or block them once you hear the truth, you need to do some shadow work. If you are not tapping into your emotions and suppressing them, you are suppressing your growth.

#2 Sometimes anger can bring about ACTION. I’ve learned to harness that shit for good. Instead of going in on the verbal assault, I plan, prepare, and go for the jugular where it hurts people the most. Their ego. Once you lose credibility, you lose respect. Period.

I’m an Aries so my warrior tendencies come naturally. Also the Iron Monkey in Chinese astrology don’t help. Ogun vibes when I want my prize so like yeah. I got mad squabbles and not afraid to use my throat chakra. I’m not trying to murder a nigga but I will put you in your place. Stay on your leash bitch.

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